What time of year should I get my tree pruned?

 Most trees can be pruned all year round.


What is pollarding? Do my trees need it? And what are the benefits?

Pollarding is an method used to manage the size of a tree. It involves removal of the tree limbs back to the main trunk.

The most common types of trees that need pollarding are: Horse Chestnut, Willow, Popular and Lime.

Pollarding can be done as regularly as every year or left up to 8 - 10 years depending on the tree.

The main benefits of pollarding is to manage and maintain the size of a tree so that it does not become a problem, for instance, if it is next to a building.


Trimming and reducing Hedges 

When is the right time of the year to trim or reduce my Hedge?

Conifer Hedges i.e Leylandii should not be trimmed in when there is a hard frost.

All other hedges can be cut all year round. Be mindful of birds nesting in your hedges.


Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and conservation areas

 S Burnett Tree Surgery works closely with the Tree Preservation Office and will handle your permission application to ensure full compliance to the law.

If your tree has a Tree Preservation Order you will need to apply for permission to carry out work. If you live in an conservation area you can not cut any thing over 75mm in diameter without permission. If your tree is dead or dangerous you do not need permission to remove it. S Burnett Tree Surgery will know if your tree has a TPO or is in a conservation area.


Stump Grinding

What are the benefits of stump grinding?

 Stump grinding is the removal of the tree stump with the aid of heavy machinery. Grinding the old tree stump prevents the tree from re-growing and stops the spread of disease. Grinding the stump out also allows you replant grass or flowers in the area where the tree was located.


FUNGUS, decay and ill health

If you think you have an fungal decay please contact S Burnett Tree surgery who will be happy to advise and discuss the actions that may need to be taken.


My tree is close to my house can it cause any damage?

The biggest unseen danager is subsidance to the house. This is caused by the amount of moisture removed from the ground by the tree. If your tree is already causing subsidence the best course of action is to remove the tree in stages over a period of time to ensure no further damage is caused.


Did you know

Generally the canopy of the tree (the branch area) is the same size as the roots below the ground


Are you insured?

 Yes, S Burnett Tree Surgery is fully qualified and insured and has 5 million public liability insurance.


Got any other questions?

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