We have had many years’ experience in clearing areas for construction and civil engineering projects such as trees, vegetation and scrub clearance. We use our specialised heavy equipment including mulchers, excavators and tree shears etc. all of which are operated by qualified CSCS-certificated professionals.



Site Clearance

Whether it’s woodland, scrub or a derelict plot of land, clearing a site is often the first step in a building or landscaping project – and it’s vital that the site is cleared correctly and left tidy and hazard-free before any work can start.

SB Tree Surgery offers professional and specialist site clearance services that can clear any site, no matter how large or small and regardless of its original condition. Either acting as a principal contractor complying with all CDM regulations or working as a sub-contractor we undertake all types of tree and vegetation clearance. Projects and contracts vary in size from the removal of a few trees to allow for extension of a car park, to the clearing of a corridor for a new section of road.


Overgrown hedges and trees

Trees also might need to be pruned and therefore reduced in size if they have dead, diseased, crossing or torn branches. It is usually best to try and keep tree (and shrub) growth under control with regular pruning, but this is not always practical, especially if you inherit overgrown trees and shrubs in a new garden. 



Safety first

Tree felling in one is undertaken at ground level and requires a designated area for the tree to fall safely into. If the tree has a perfectly balanced canopy and there is no wind, then the tree surgeon will undertake a series of cuts to the base of the tree causing it to fall into the designated area. Once on the floor, the tree care team will proceed to dismantle the tree for removal off site. At SB Tree Surgery we make sure the surroundings are secure, safe and environmentally steady before carrying out the work.